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For direct access follow these painfully obvious steps

  1. Go to YouTube (via this link or however you feel like)

  2. Look up Stardustseck (yes it's a typo, it's addressed in the next step)

  3. Click the "Search instead for Stardust seck" button (if you can't find it, repeat previous steps until successful or it causes a stack overflow)

  4. Now that you've completed these steps, here's a break for you to go get yourself a snack before resuming the arduous task of googling

  5. Click on Angela Speck the YouTube channel you should be looking for and immediately subscribe to

  6. Once there, you can navigate to the pages you're looking for by using the tabs conveniently labelled as such

Congratulations! You have completed the easiest thing you will probably do in the next few minutes. If you are visiting this site and consequently YouTube channel, there's a decent chance that the you're a student and are looking for free answers.

click on stardust seck
Angela's Channel

This happens to be the most viewed video on her channel, people (coincidentally named Angela Speck) theorize that it is because so few people have made decent videos on Virial Theory.

NOTE: Some may be given


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